Autumn Leaves

I don't think I will ever get sick of seeing these leaves on the trees or the ground. The colors are all so beautiful, and on the chillier days when we are bundled up tight, I love being able to walk by the park and gaze at the beautiful colors that surround me. Can you believe it's November already? I really can't. The days are passing by so fast, and pretty soon these leaves will dry up and snow will replace the streets with white noise. Although I am looking forward to that as well, I am really trying to soak in the last few weeks before my 30th birthday.

That even sounds crazy to say out loud. 30! Wow. It seems like it's come up sooner than I expected, but as dumb as it sounds, I don't feel that old, in fact, I feel pretty young and full of youth. I feel like my life has just begun, and now that the wedding is said and done, I really feel like this is our first full year together, starting a family, and building a home. I am really excited to have our first Thanksgiving and Christmas as husband and wife! Since it's been almost 5 months now that I haven't shared wedding photos, I PROMISE they'll be up next week! I can't wait to show you guys a glimpse into our perfect day. Hope you all have an amazing weekend! xoxox

Workout Style

It's hard to feel cute when you're sweating, am I right? I try to think of working out as a challenge, all while making sure I feel confident and comfortable in what I'm wearing. I have always been a huge fan of mixing colors (my sneakers usually stand out on their own) and I love comfortable pieces that help me move and workout as hard as I want to. Let me start off by saying that obviously I don't wear this cardigan to the gym, but I do always wear a jacket/comfortable coat because it's usually cold at night once I'm done my workout.

This awesome cardigan is so casual that it can be dressed up or down on any given day. I got it in two colors because I literally live in these! I can't say enough about Lululemon, and those who know me, know that it's my go-to store for workout gear. A little on the pricier side, but you get what you pay for, and the quality is unmatched. These leggings make you feel like you are wearing absolutely nothing (weird right). I love how comfortable they are and how they allow me to move and sweat without showing on the fabric. They also hem for free which is great if you're petite! I've gotten tanks & pants hemmed there and they're awesome, and very quick.

A lot of people ask me about my workout gear, so I wanted to share this awesome bag too. I got it at the Poverty Flats sample sale, and it's the best. It's sporty- and also can double as a weekender bag. A bag like this is perfect for extra changes of clothes, water, even maybe a snack or meal to go. Although I can't find this exact one online, i've linked similar! Hope you guys love my workout picks- and if you have any questions as always feel free to message me!

Olive Suede Bomber & Cashmere

These pieces blend together so well, that I just can't wait for the colder weather so I can really wear them both. I have been looking for this jacket for months now, and my first choice was the light brown, but they've been out of stock in my size for a while now. I am so happy I ended up getting the olive green color, because it's just so beautiful and perfect for fall. I love that the color is neutral enough to match with pretty much anything.

My style lately consists of ripped denim, a comfortable top and a moto jacket of some sort. I am so excited for the weekend to be here already, and so excited to spend some time with friends, it's been a crazy busy week, and I am ready for it to be over. Hope you guys have an amazing weekend! xoxox