May 21, 2015

Starbucks & My Love For Coffee: Part II

It's no surprise that I am a coffee obsessed woman. I'm so excited to share my love for coffee and Starbucks again today on the blog. As part of their blogger community I get a chance to taste some delicious coffee and I get to try out some of their goodies too. In this package I received rare single-origin coffees , a stainless steel kettle, an awesome dip-glazed mug and the cutest tribal kitchen towel. 

The coffees (my favorite part) are all premium single-origin which basically means that the beans get their distinguishing characteristics from the soil, climate and elevation where they are cultivated, which gives it a very unique flavor. There are chocolaty notes from Guatemala, sweet liveliness from Rwanda and spiciness from Timor. The coolest thing is they're all from different locations so each one has a distinct taste. 

I really loved the Timor Mountain Ramelau the best. I loved the hint of spice and the roasted aftertaste. The Guatemala Laguna de Ayarza was also really delicious, I love the citrus notes throughout the cup. The Rwanda Rift Valley was definitely the most different cup I tasted out of all three. I definitely could taste the chocolatey notes throughout and the aroma was very intoxicating. 

Throughout this experience I can honestly say that I have learned so much about coffee, but also about my own personal tastes. I went from not being a huge coffee drinker to loving and enjoying a good cup of coffee. I also love being able to tell the difference between quality, and not-so good quality. 

For those of you who asked last time, Ryan and I own a Jura Impressa F50 which makes our coffee taste even more delicious. If you're a big coffee lover I highly recommend getting a quality machine to make your brewing needs even easier.

My parents grew up having coffee multiple times a day throughout most of my young life. In Greece and Cyprus the day revolves around going for coffee with friends, having coffee to socialize and also making it for your family. Drinking coffee here, in my home, brings me a little closer to my roots no matter how far they may be. It's funny to say that something as silly as making a cup of coffee reminds me of my family but it does. I remember vividly sitting and watching my Grandma make coffees for the whole family once we'd be done with dinner. It's a fond memory I won't ever forget. Although I don't know how to make authentic Greek coffee, I still make sure I offer everyone who comes through my door a fresh cup.

May 18, 2015

Tie It In A Bow

We welcomed the sunlight and summer weather this past weekend, and then of course today is chilly and rainy. I'm so happy we got to enjoy a nice weekend, and hopefully this rain will clear up before MDW. I just started transitioning into my Spring/Summer wardrobe and I am ready for this change. It's crazy how much the weather affects our moods and for me personally, it makes me so much more motivated to go out and do things.

Ryan and I are in the midst of figuring out our summer plans, and I am really excited for a trip to California that we're taking with some of his friends in July. Right now I am working a lot (which is always good) and staying busy working on different blog projects. I am really excited for the next few months and can't wait to see it all unfold!

Details: Pleated Bow Shorts via F21 // Fitted Crop Top via UO // 3 Finger Ring via Kendra Scott // Marc Jacobs Watch // Black Onyx Ring // Stud Trimmed Floppy Hat via UO // Booties (similar wedge) via Marshalls c/o

May 15, 2015

Spring Touches In Home Decor

Don't you just love Spring? I love decorating my home and changing the things I buy with the transitioning seasons. I have been focusing a lot more on color lately, but still incorporating my vintage style. I'm also getting more plants and succulents which is super exciting because I love watching everything grow. Ryan makes sure that I keep fresh flowers around to brighten up some of the rooms in the house (and I love him for it).

I found these two milk glass vases at the thrift store near my house and fell in love! I love the way it makes my kitchen really come together with all of my vintage and thrifted pieces. Since I love vintage inspired art as well, I found this little number at Marshalls and knew I had to snatch it up. I love vintage typography signs and old bottles as well.

I find myself buying a lot more knick-knacks lately. I love having little jars and containers to store my jewelry and things. These two cute little guys were found at marshalls for under $5! I love the little hedgehog- he's my newest purchase.

How are you guys sprucing up your home for spring?

May 14, 2015

Varsity Grays

It seems like forever since I posted! It has been the craziest busy work week so unfortunately I was delayed on posting/taking pictures/ etc. Now that the weather is nice I plan on bringing my camera everywhere with me this summer. I always tell Ryan that's my biggest regret- buying a camera that's a bit bulky and annoying to carry around. I think that pretty much means I need to get a new camera bag/purse right? Any reason to shop is good enough for me!

These jeans are such a staple in my closet lately. I love how comfortable and versatile they are. I also love the knee rips, the 80's are making a comeback and I am not mad about it. This jacket and birkens paired with my jeans makes for the perfect breezy outfit. It's just the right temperature outside, and I am so happy to slip on a light jacket and go about my day.