Flamingo Island

I have been waiting to publish this post because I knew the transition to Squarespace would be happening so soon, so I knew I needed to wait before posting vacation photos. The time has finally arrived and I am SO excited to not only share vacation photos with you guys, but to also share my new branding/layout done by Chelcey Tate. I am so proud of this new look, and am really excited for the inspiration and opportunities ahead. Without further adieu, here is Flamingo Island, the most beautiful part of our trip to Aruba.

The flamingos surprisingly were extremely friendly. I don't know why I pictured them being a little snippy, but regardless I was pleasantly surprised. We hoped on a boat from the inside of our hotel (Renaissance) and went to the private island about 10 minutes away. This island is only accessible to those staying at this specific hotel, so if that's something you want to see when you go to Aruba, I highly suggest staying there- we had an excellent experience with them.

Half of the island is "Iguana Island" and the other half is "Flamingo Island" but in our experience the iguanas went where they pleased and ended up sitting right on our beach chair at one point. We had such a beautiful day at this beach, and ended up going back a few more times because we fell in love with it so much. I truly understand why people continue to go back to Aruba years into their marriage. It's such a peaceful and beautiful place to visit, and relax.

I of course took every photo opportunity I could since we don't really get to experience such beauty in our little town in NJ. I fell in love with this bathing suit & cover up, and I was very excited to share it with you guys because of the overwhelming love on instagram on the posts of it. It's truly flattering on any body type, and I highly recommend it. I am pretty self conscious in a bathing suit, and I felt so comfortable in this one. It really fits like a dream and hugs all the right spots.


Palm Print

Hello everyone! We are finally home and have returned from the beautiful beaches of Aruba. With all of the wedding planning going on I had so much on my plate that blogging took a backseat to life for a few weeks. I took so many great photos, but with lack of time my editing was impossible to fit in, so I have some awesome outfits to share from the past month or so, as well as our vacationing photos that I will post this week as well. 

The whirlwind of the wedding is now coming to a halt and all I can think back on are fond memories and overwhelming amounts of love from the people we care about most. I've never felt so much love in my entire life, and Ryan and I were on cloud 9 while honeymooning and looking back on the week we had with everyone in our lives.

Moving forward I feel the greatest I have ever felt. Not only motivated for my new branding and site, but also in life. I feel inspired, and excited about the Summer ahead. Sometimes life keeps us busy enough, and then slows down just in time to remind us that we need to enjoy the people we love, and the things we love. It's been a weird year for me, and many things have changed and continue to change, but it's all exciting and the opportunities are endless. 

I hope you guys are enjoying your Summer thus far, it's crazy to think we're halfway through June already! I can't wait to share more photos of our wedding/honeymoon on the blog, and I PROMISE more photos of the flamingos!

Details:  Palm Print Jumpsuit (comes in petite & regular!) 
Strappy Lace Up Gladiators  / Belt / Tory Burch Tote (awesome to travel with!)

Instagram Roundup

Hey guys! Some of my links haven't been working sufficiently so I wanted to make sure that you guys had all the correct ones for the stuff I have been posting. Here are some of my recent posts, and shoppable links! Enjoy!

Left: Sandals / Wallet / Sunnies | Right: Top / Pants / Espadrilles / Chloe Bag / Hat

Top / Bottom / Hat / Sunnies

Left: Dress / Bag / Hat / Sunnies | Right: Top / Bag / Skirt / Sandals / Similar Earrings

Spending My Summer With Schwinn!

Hello everyone!  I am super excited to be sharing yet another lovely post with Schwinn, except this time I am rocking this beautiful new bike called the Schwinn Radiant. This brand new model just hit stores recently, and is an absolute breeze to ride around the shore. Since the wedding is now over, I am very excited to be able to take this baby out more often and really enjoy it.

I am in the process of picking out the perfect basket, and cannot wait accessorize it. Here are my favorite choices- which one do you like the best? (wicker - vintage style - vintage creel basket) Of course I am leaning towards the vintage styles because I feel like this bike has such a retro feel to it. 

The day we took these photos the wind was a little crazy, but honestly nothing beats a bike ride in the summer. Our lives have changed drastically since getting the beach house and I am really looking forward to spending time with our families and friends every weekend. 

I may not be your "average cyclist" but I think I am a perfect example of how different and unique us Schwinn riders are. I am a fashion blogger who enjoys getting dressed up every day, but still yearns for adventure and exploration. I love to travel, and I love seeing and learning new things. I may look like I am going to a party, but that's just my normal get-up. I cannot wait to explore Island State Park with my new bikes, and I hope you'll join along for the ride!

Details: Schwinn Radiant / Madewell High Waisted Shorts / JC sandals (three colors & on sale!) O'Neill Tank (more sizes here) / Elliot Lucca Bag / Straw Boat Hat / Karen Walker Sunnies

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