Blue Off The Shoulder

Our warmer days have come and gone and tomorrow 10-12 inches of snow is expected here in New Jersey. To say I am unprepared is an understatement. We attempted to take photos this weekend but with the wind breezing through I ended up looking like a curled up mess with hair in my mouth- needless to say it was not cute. Although I am not a fan of the cold, I do love snow, and I am excited to see how much we get and if we'll have an official snow day! Hope you're all staying warm wherever you are, and let's all keep thinking positive thoughts for Spring, maybe if we all think about it, it'll be here faster!!

Oliver The Dachshund Loves Freshpet!

Anyone who knows me, and my family knows how important Oliver is to us. He is a grandpup, a son (To Ryan and I) and a cousin to my nephews. He is more than just a pet- but a member of our family, and we always want to make sure he is healthy, and happy. When I choose what to feed Oliver, it seems as though nothing makes the cut. I am very picky about what kind of food is good for him, and doesn't contain corn as a first ingredient. Honestly, it was very hard to find good dog food that doesn't have all these extra added ingredients-until we heard about Freshpet!

Freshpet is a refrigerated and all natural pet food made with fresh ingredients. It is just like a home cooked meal you’d make for your pet- so for us, it's the perfect alternative to home cooked meals every night. (Oliver tends to love my Mother's cooking) I know you're probably thinking- why not dog food? Well, Freshpet never uses artificial or chemical preservatives, or any mysterious ingredients like chicken meal. All of these factors played a huge role in our decision to switch to Freshpet. Since switching to Freshpet Ollie has more energy, and looks forward to mealtime- he also has been more energetic on walks and while playing with his best friend Harley. 

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Shop Bop SALE 2017!

It's no secret that I look forward to this sale every single year! Shop Bop is one of my favorite one stop shops for everything from swimwear, to handbags, and clothing. I have rounded up some of my favorite items for you guys, ones I own, and ones I have purchased during the sale. I hope you find some things that you love! On the above photo, just click the little box next to the picture to be redirected to the item! Below are my favorite items that I cannot wait to add to my collection. Happy shopping!!