Making Life Easier with Phil RX

For those of you who have been following for quite some time, I'm sure you know how busy sometimes life can get being a full time blogger, but also working full time at my other job. I am constantly on the go (which is how I prefer it!) but that leaves barely any down time to spend with my family, or my pup. Keeping my life easy and convenient is always a priority to me, so I do whatever I can, whenever I can to organize my life in such a way that certain things are on auto-pilot. 

For those of you who may not have been following along on Instagram, and Snapchat, this week I was away for my anniversary in Aruba. It was a surprise trip from my husband, and we went back to Aruba! This past month has been a nightmare for me as far as allergies go. If you live in NJ or anywhere near this area, you'll know that pollen and dander have been at an all time high. For allergy sufferers like myself ,this is ABSOLUTE TORTURE. I left on my trip and once my feet hit the ground in Aruba, I was cured from all of my usual symptoms. This was like a dream come true.

While we were there I realized I hadn't filled my usual prescription. Although this is something that would usually cause me to go into a sudden panic, it was quite the opposite. I remembered that that's already been taken care of for me. Enter- PHIL. Phil is a prescription refill service that delivers your ongoing prescription medication right to your door! Using Phil is an easy way to manage medications for you and your family. Say goodbye to those monthly trips to the Pharmacy and hello to more time in your day to day!

More information about PHIL and how awesome they are:

  • Phil partners with top-rated, locally-owned pharmacies that are licensed by the Pharmacy Board. These pharmacies will deliver your medications to you on time, answer any questions over the phone, and most importantly, deal with the heavy-lifting of interacting with doctors and insurance so you don't have to sweat it. You are able to refill on your own terms by scheduling when your medications arrive, ordering vacation refills etc.

  • Phil is a new service that is quickly expanding to service all 50 states.

  • Phil guarantees your copay will be the same as what you pay at your current pharmacy. Some rare exceptions may apply; in those cases Phil will contact you for approval. Most insurance plans are accepted. If you don’t have insurance, Phil partner pharmacies will quote you the lowest price they can obtain for you. Delivery is always free.

Think about how exciting life can be when you don't have to worry constantly about having to run to the pharmacy to refill your prescriptions? They take all of the frustration out of refilling prescriptions, and make your life easier by delivering right to your door. For first-time customers, Phil will pay up to $20 off your insurance copay, or $20 off the cost of the medication if you are uninsured, while supplies last.

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Fairytale Walks

My favorite thing in the whole world is stumbling upon a place that photographs beautifully. I hit the jackpot with this location, and Ryan and I both knew we'd be coming back very soon to take more photos here.

The past few weeks have been nothing short of a blur. We did wood floors in our house so it's been a huge moving week, and we're finally back to normal. It was really fun getting to reorganize all of my things, spring clean and get rid of TONS of things, but also add some new items into our home to spruce things up a bit. I am so thrilled at how the house looks and I really cannot wait to give you guys the final look of everything once it's finished!

As silly as it sounds rearranging everything and moving things around really has made a huge difference around here. Everything looks cleaner (carpet sucks so I'm glad it's gone), more spacious & modern, which is what I wanted in the final result of all of this. Between the floors being redone, and the trips we have coming up- I am so excited for the Summer, and really can't wait! I hope you guys will read along, and stay tuned for all of the adventures to come. Hope you're having a great week! xoxox

Details: Off the shoulder dress / Bamboo bag / Sandals (on major sale!!) / Celine Sunnies

Spring Days With Schwinn

When your bike is this pretty it's hard to put away! I am so excited to be teaming up with Schwinn again this year to show you guys tons of fun ways to incorporate biking into your every day life. Ryan and I found a very warm Spring day last month and decided to spend the weekend down the shore. Although this was the only nice day out of the whole weekend, we made the most of it. 

I look forward to the Summer because as a family we LOVE riding bikes. We all have our bikes down there so it becomes a nightly ritual that we can enjoy doing together. I love having this time to spend with everyone since we all lead such busy lives on a regular basis. I am LOVING my new Sivica bike from Schwinn and I can't wait to attach the dog trailer so Ollie can come with us on our adventures! (coming soon!) 

I hope you guys are enjoying this beautiful weather. I am already looking forward to riding my bike all Spring & Summer long. Nothing beats a leisurely bike ride with my two boys. I also have some fun news coming up--Schwinn is sending me out on a secret trip this June, so stay tuned for more fun content to come! I am so excited to share more with you guys as the days get closer! 

This post was written in collaboration with Schwinn Bicycles.
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Using Social Media For Your Wedding

Hey everyone! Happy Thursday! I am so excited to be talking about one of my favorite topics on the blog today---WEDDINGS! Next month I announced that I will be sharing a post every Wednesday about my wedding, and sharing some personal thoughts on how the planning process was for me. I want to kick start this wedding series with a post about how I am currently helping a friend of mine with her wedding. Being on the other side of wedding planning now, I feel like I have a different perspective and definitely more information to share on what I would have done different, or how I would have planned better.

Wedding photos taken by Flora & Fauna

One thing I definitely wish I had done, was have a wedding website. This is where Go Daddy comes in handy. With GoCentral, you can create a wedding website in under an hour - without needing years of experience, or a full Saturday to devote to getting a site up and running. GoCentral gives engaged couples an easy way for their guests to find all the wedding info they need. And because a website can be built in less than an hour – no previous website-building experience necessary! – it lets couples get back to planning the wedding. My friend Lena and I worked on the site together, and in no time, everything was up and running, and it looks amazing, there are different templates, fonts, photos and pretty much anything you can think of.

Wedding websites are part of a bigger trend using technology to keep guests connected and part of the wedding experience. When it comes down to it, weddings are over in a heartbeat - but technology makes it possible to build anticipation before the wedding, and keep memories of the big day alive after. Tech-savvy brides, grooms, and wedding planners can keep guests connected and part of the overall experience through Instagram hashtags recording the day. A wedding website - with a customized domain - gives couples a centralized place to gather information about the big day, connect with guests, and share photos and details afterwards.

I love how personalized the site we created is, and how much you can add, or take away. From stock photos, to personal photos, you can really customize what you want your site to look like.

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