Color Pops With My Bump


Hi everyone! I can't believe it's been over a month hiatus for me here on the blog. Life has been crazy to say the least! I thought pregnancy would be a breeze, and here I am at 31 weeks/Third Trimester struggling to put my shoes on. I wanted to pop by and give everyone an update on my life and an update on the bump!


Cravings: Definitely not having any! Which is a huge bummer. I definitely thought I would want some crazy stuff but unfortunately, I haven't wanted anything out of the ordinary. I am definitely letting myself indulge on things I wouldn't normally have, but making sure that's only happening in moderation. For the most part I am only craving the foods I already loved like potatoes, cereal, and broccoli omelets. 

Highs: Feeling the baby kick! He kicks me pretty much all day now which is fun and interesting if I am trying to have a conversation with people. It's definitely a feeling you can't describe and I love it. One of my favorite moments of this pregnancy was letting Ryan feel the baby kick for the first time. The look on his face was priceless, and I wish I could've recorded it! Another fun thing that happens when you're pregnant is that everyone is magically nice to you. People let me skip the line for food, offer me their seats, and everyone is extra smiley when they see a woman with a baby bump! I am totally taking advantage of this and enjoying every second!


Lows: For the most part I have had an amazing pregnancy. I have been feeling good, and my mood is extremely calm (which is not my norm). I would say the hardest thing I have dealt with has been trying to do things I used to do, and failing. Things as simple as tying my shoes, putting pants/socks on, and just running errands and doing household work. I get so exhausted so fast that sometimes I am out of breath just trying to do my normal routine. This is really frustrating so I have definitely tried to tell myself that I need to slow down. I am very independent so having to wait on others for help is definitely something I need to work on!


Things I Miss: SUSHI. Ryan and I are sushi-a-holics. We loved getting sushi for date nights, and sadly that hasn't happened since I found out! Poor Ryan has been missing out too, but he's been a trooper and is waiting it out with me! I also really miss working out (I have been doing some light working out, but nowhere near my old routines). My old diet is also a thing of the past. I was very healthy and strict, so I definitely miss wanting healthier foods, my palette has changed since finding out I was pregnant and I have not eaten many of the things I used to, not because it makes me sick, but because I just simply don't want it. 

Fears: I'd be lying if i said that the thought of giving birth isn't completely terrifying. As much as I try to put it out of my head it's always there lingering. The thing that keeps me most calm is knowing that so many women go through this, and no matter what happens I have a great support system that will always be there for me. It also helps to know that doctors are very knowledgeable in pregnancies and they've seen everything under the sun. I am hoping that everything will fall into place the day of, and I know that I have no control over that, so I have to just hope and pray that it all works out the way it should. 

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Giving Yourself Grace

Hi everyone! Hope everyone had a great weekend. I am coming down from the high of all the birthday festivities, and I wanted to share this post with all of you since every year, on my birthday I share a post about the things that I have learned from the year before. This year was different than most due to the plain fact that I clearly have some emotional (in a good way) and physical changes going on. I am currently 26 weeks pregnant (more than half way there-woo!) and obviously there are so many life changes going on for my family.

I feel blessed, to say the least. I feel blessed that I am able to carry this sweet baby in my belly. I feel blessed to be surrounded by so much love and support from not only our families, but also our friends. Ryan and I have always had an amazing support group of people, and that alone is a gift. I think the hardest part of this year for me, has definitely been all of the changes that have gone on. As I said, I feel very blessed so please don't take this the wrong way when I say that life has been- well, overwhelming. 


As someone who works full time and also blogs full time, it's very hard to find a balance. Most of my days are spent exhausted, trying to find time to fit everything in, whether it's typing blog posts, or shooting videos, editing, etc. It's all just so much. On our days off together sometimes I don't want to think about "work" but if you own any type of business, or consider yourself an influencer, you'll know that a day off doesn't really exist. I've worked through every holiday, every vacation, and every life event I can think of. When your body suddenly starts telling you to "slow down" it's very frustrating. The internet world can be so daunting, and intimidating. You're always in this race to keep up with everything that's new and fancy, or even just creating new content. Not doing all of the things that I normally do, makes me feel like I am falling far behind. Throw in some weight-gain, sleepless nights, changes in your body, and you'll stop feeling less and less like your old self. 

I shared these feelings with a group chat of blogger friends I have made for the past year or so. These girls are always there to bounce ideas off of, to chat about all things blog related, and to just talk about life, because we've all become friends. When I shared these feelings a few months ago with them, one of them told me to give myself grace. I didn't know at the time what this meant to me, but as time went on the saying really resonated with me. To me this means allowing myself to just be. Allowing myself to be without criticizing myself and being hard on myself for everything I don't do correctly, or don't have time to do.


Instead of sharing all of the things I learned this year, I really wanted to focus on this simple saying, because it can be used so many ways. We all want to be our best selves, but sometimes life has other plans. It's okay to take a step back and allow yourself to just live without any expectation. This too, is a part of our process. 

Another year is in the books, and every day is another learning experience. I am thankful for everything in my life, including the bad days, because everything serves a purpose. 


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Best Of Black Friday Sales


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