Take Me To The Lighthouse.

(photos by meaghan)
 shorts: Delias // poncho: UO // mocs: Minnetonka // rings: various antique/vintage shops
necklace: vintage key(from my Grandmother's house) // tights: HUE

Hello everybody! The weekend is already over, didn't it go by so quick? I feel like I say that about everything lately. On Saturday I spent the day visiting a good friend of mine from college, Meaghan. Although we don't get to see each other as often as I would like, when we do it's as if nothing has changed. Although it was a bit windy for most of the day we took a drive to the lighthouse near her house in Red Bank, NJ. We also got to go to the beach, which seemed to be hidden by the massive sand dune seen above. I'm not going to lie , it was cold, and windy and we laughed so hard that between the laughing and the wind my eyes were tearing up by the end of it. Although it was a bit windy & rainy, we made the most out of the day and it felt great when the sun peeked through the clouds, even if just for a minute. Since I love taking photos so much, it was nice being able to share that with a friend (a "non" blogger if you will) and she enjoyed it just as much as I did...I even convinced her to take some jumping shots with me, see below: 

(clearly I wasn't lying about the wind and I have to mention before you see these that we propped my camera up on a garbage can, set the timer to 10 seconds but because the wind was so crazy, we couldn't hear when it was going to go off, it was fun regardless and we got a good laugh out of it)

 I literally got slapped in the face by my shirt. but it was our only successful shot, so it was worth it!