Texas Style Council: Breakfast & Chest Bumps // Our Last Day

I decided against going completely in order for the texas style council photos because it's way more fun this way. This set of photos was probably my favorite because I got to chest bump Elizabeth from Delightfully Tacky, pretty much made my year...and if you see the photos on the bottom you will agree.  On the last day of our trip we woke up early and visited a little place in Austin called Another Broken Egg. Here are some photos of the breakfast and the chest bump-jump shots taken shortly thereafter. 

 Great coffee, and amazing food.. It was definitely a great place to start the day.

 All of us at breakfast
 from left to right:
One of the best things about hanging out with bloggers all weekend is no one giving you the stink eye for taking 10,000 photos of the same thing (or taking pictures of random things as you're walking)...it was actually pretty funny because when our food came out, every single one of us was snapping pictures, and it wasn't weird at all! Another great part about hanging out with girls who blog is their willingness to take jumping photos in the restaurant parking lot-

exhibit a: chest bumps & high fives with delightfully tacky [I look like a snowman]

exhibit b:  all jumping together, like a flash mob [clearly we've done this before]
[some jumping photos courtesy of Amy's camera]

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