Days at the Patch

Check out how this fashion blogger styles red Hunter Boots and ripped denim. 
Fashion, lifestyle, and beauty blogger Little Tree Vintage styles ripped denim, red Hunter boots, and a drape jacket for Fall.
Ripped denim + red Hunter boots styled for Fall from fashion, lifestyle, and beauty blogger Little Tree Vintage. 

Happy Wednesday everyone! I'm sharing these photos from the past weekend where we went to the pumpkin patch with my cousin and her son. We had such a good time, but BOY was it hot. The temperatures in NJ have gone up to about 85 degrees at the highest, and we are in full swing of an Indian summer. They say the temps are supposed to drop in a few days, and I am really looking forward to that considering I packed ALL of my summer clothes! Can't predict the weather whatsoever nowadays, but the sun definitely makes everything better.

The man who worked at the farm told us that the sweetest pumpkins are the lighter colored ones (mix between taupe and white) and that's the pumpkins we should be making pie with. We took his advice and we're going to try it soon, hopefully we'll be making pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving!

Styling red Hunter boots, ripped denim, and a drape jacket for Fall. 

Details: Hunter Boots / Ripped Denim / Knotted Tee (it's soft, and on sale!) / Drape JacketSunglasses / Wool Hat / TB York Tote

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