Off The Shoulder Florals

Hi everyone! Hope you had a great Fourth of July. I am back with some outfit posts from our honeymoon, and really excited to share some more Aruba posts with you guys this week. I am also really excited to share a travel post with you guys about must see places, and food while in Aruba! I hope you guys enjoyed your weekend, ours was very low key, spent with our families.

This outfit was one of my favorites worn to dinner one night. What's funny about Aruba is how strong the wind is even at 90 degrees every day. Every dress I wore had a pair of biker shorts underneath so I wouldn't flash everyone every time we went out. This dress is comfortable, and tight in all the right places. The tighter waist area is very flattering and the long sleeves make it a little dressier than a casual day dress.

If you see me holding my hat in these photos, it's because it was literally flying off my head at some points! Ryan even had to cross the street at one point before it got run over. I have plenty of photos of my hair blowing in my face/mouth and my dress exposing me- but I'll save those bloopers for another time, haha.

The night I wore this dress we visited a famous place known as Madame Janette. We were told by some friends that it would be the best steak we've ever had so we made sure we put it on our go-to list. Believe it or not this same night I ran into one of my best friends hometown friends. It's funny how small the world is sometimes. She came up to us at the restaurant and couldn't believe we were both friends with the same person and both in the same place-in another country!

The steak and night was a good one, we ended it in the casino at our hotel. I can't wait to show you guys the rest of our photos, and hope you're enjoying what you see so far!