Starbucks & My Love For Coffee

Hey guys! Happy Friday. Today I am excited to be sharing another installment of my coffee blogger series with Starbucks. For anyone who follows me on Snapchat(@littletreemaria) or knows me in real life- you'll know that iced coffees are not saved just for the warmer months. I drink iced coffee all year round. I'm usually the girl pulling up in a blizzard asking for an iced coffee and getting the most questionable looks. Once Spring/Summer hit I am in my iced coffee glory. All day -every day- iced coffee & almond milk is my "cup of tea."

These iced coffees from Starbucks are great, and so easy to grab on the go. Although we have a great Jura coffee maker at home, sometimes I want to skip the work, and grab something and run out the door. These iced coffees come sweetened, or unsweetened, and they're delicious. If you pour out one of these bottles on ice, it tastes just like you're walking into a Starbucks and ordering a coffee.

I picked up this pineapple cup at a local Starbucks and instantly fell in love with it. Ryan and I are always bringing our coffee to go so having to go cups is ESSENTIAL when dealing with any coffee lover. He saw this on the shelf and before even asking me, knew that I wanted it (or needed it-more importantly!)

Our usual routine consists of making our coffee the night before, (Starbucks Pike Place Roast) is our favorite. We brew it in the Jura and then stick it in the refrigerator overnight to cool it. We add sugar and milk in the morning, and it always turns out just right. What are your Summer coffee rituals? Are you an iced coffee lover, or a hot coffee connoisseur?

Shop my favorite picks below!