Finding Your Healthy Balance

Fitness and nutrition have always been things that I have been passionate about. About two years ago I embarked on a health journey that essentially saved my life, and has made me feel so much better about myself. It's not about "being super skinny" or losing all this weight, but more along the lines of feeling good internally, and feeling balanced. I've had a lot of ladies ask about my routines, and what I eat so I just wanted to share a little bit about what was helped me get on track- and stay healthy.

The most important thing in any workout routine is to stay consistent. Even if you fall off track it's important to jump back on even after you've fallen off. I try to workout approximately 3-5x a week at the least. I highly suggest a mix of group fitness classes, cardio and working out with weights.

For example, if I have a really great group fitness class (with weights) I try to take a day off in between and that's when I do my cardio. Not every day for me involves weight lifting. The classes offered at my gym are the Les Mills classes. I really love Bodypump, Core CX Works, and Grit. All of these classes include weights (some light-some heavier) and they all include high intensity training. I found that HIT has worked best for me. Basically you alternate from high moments of intense workouts, then you rest, and then you spike your heart rate back up again. This burns the most fat, and continues to work throughout your day.

On the nutritional side of things, it's been a little more complicated. I have really worked with a licensed nutritionist for a little over a year now, and that has been a HUGE help. She has helped me tweak my diet and it has synced with my workout. On my high intensity days I usually consume a lot of protein. On off days, I try to stay medium-low carb. On a regular basis I drink a lot of water (think 10+glasses), I rarely drink alcohol, and most of the meat I eat is lean and low in fat (lean turkey, chicken breast, tuna, cod, and pork loin). As far as carbs go, I eat a lot of brown rice, basmati rice, oatmeal, and I load up on vegetables. Some of my favorite veggies are broccoli, asparagus, green beans, and cucumbers.

All in all , it has been an extremely difficult, but rewarding life change. I truly appreciate food in a different way now, and I hardly ever eat out, or eat anything fried. I enjoy eating things that make me feel better, and help me meet my goals. It's not really about "dieting" as much as it's about making lifestyle choices. 

Everyone is a on a different path, and everyone has different goals. The important thing to remember is that everyone's path is different and we all need to do what is right for us. I think you just need to find what works for you, but I think focusing on workout intensity, and healthy eating is a huge part of my journey.