Dressing For The Job You Want

A wise man once told me "Dress for the job you want, not the job you have." This statement has stayed by me through years of different jobs, and wearing multiple hats. I am really excited to be teaming up with Modcloth to talk about dressing for your job(s) and how I personally find the balance between my FT job, and my PT job as a blogger. As I embark on my new journey one thing is for certain- and that is that I want to look and feel my best. Although most people think of "business-casual" as a more boring option, I like to think of it as a chance to showcase my style, in a more business like way. It's about making sure that you look your best, and still do your job in the best way you can!

Since blogging has always been my second job, I always have different outfits for both sides of my life. Blogging has always been the more fun, and casual side of life. I push the envelope sometimes and dress edgier outside of work, but there's always a time and a place for everything. I love pairing a beautiful flowing dress like this one, with a colored cardigan, to add a pop of color. Just because it needs to be "business casual" does not mean it has to be boring! The fun thing about cardigans is that most of them come in a variety of colors (like the one I chose) so you have tons of options,and you can mix and match the same outfits, with a twist!

Modcloth really has tons of options for any woman who is fashion forward- with a little bit of a color obsession! I can't wait to show you guys my second and third installment of this series, and I can't wait to show you a more casual look!