Eyelash Extensions FAQ & Info

Hey ladies! I've wanted to do this post for quite a while now, and since I get so many questions on my lash extensions I thought it was about that time. I'm going to answer some of the most common questions I get below, and if anyone has any other comments or questions feel free to contact me through comments below, or on snapchat/IG.

  • How long have you been getting lash extensions and do they damage your eyelashes?
    • I have been getting lash extensions for probably 9 months now. I originally got them put on last September, but then didn't like the way they were done, so I ended up finding a new spot that I love, and I have been going there ever since. I personally do not believe that they damage my lashes because my lashes still continue to grow throughout the extension process. They are put on properly by a professional, which also has a lot to do with damaging your natural lashes. Be careful and weary of those groupon deals that offer you lash extensions for cheap at non reputable places. Remember ladies: You get what you pay for!
  • Where do you go for your lashes, and what is the name of the lash artist that applies them?
    • I go to Lash House Beauty Boutique in Livingston NJ, and my Lash Artist is Nicole! Nicole has been my go to girl throughout this entire process, and she also does makeup so she did my makeup for our rehearsal dinner as well. I cannot stress enough the talent this girl has, she also does brows, brow extensions and makeup at Lash House, so if you're in the area, she's your girl!
  • How often do you get your lashes filled?
    • I get mine filled every 2-3 weeks. By the third week most have fallen out, so I would say 2.5 weeks is usually my sweet spot. You can refill by time, so I usually book a 60 minute fill every 2.5 weeks, and that works for me. If you want less time, you can do that too, it all really depends on how your lashes look, and what kind of volume you're looking for.
  • Are there different types of fills/types?
    • Just like anything else, there are tons of options! You can work with your lash artist on picking how curled you want your lashes, and how long you want them to be. They really can customize the look you want, you just need to verbalize that to them before the appointment.
  • Are they expensive?
    • Girl, as you know, being a woman is not easy. We pay money for the things we love, and this is no different. Like I said before you absolutely get what you pay for, so make sure you're going to a reputable place, even if that means shelling out a little more money, it's 100% worth it! Getting the initial set on, is the most expensive part, and then after that it's just upkeep. So you're paying depending on what type of fill you want, and how long your appointment is for. I know some places charge a set amount, and others charge depending on time, so it really depends on where you go. I have been to a few places and I feel like the prices are mostly comparable.
  • How has having lashes changed you/your confidence?
    • Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love my eyeliner. This summer, I can really count how many times I've worn eyeliner or eye makeup. I pretty much have changed my entire routine and I LOVE IT. I love how my eyes look without all the extras, and I really love how easy it is to "get up and go." Overall, it's just like anything else you do for yourself. For me, taking care of myself on the outside, makes me feel good on the inside. I feel put together, and it makes me feel like my day is easier overall.
  • What is the actual process like of getting them put on/getting a fill?
    • I was really nervous about the first time I got them on because I couldn't even think about sitting there for over an hour with my eyes closed. It sounds a lot more intense than it actually is. I find it really relaxing now, and if you find a tech you really click with, it's almost like visiting a girlfriend for a coffee date. I know some people who would rather stay quiet the whole time, but since Nicole and I have become friends, the time flies by, before I know it, it's time to go, and the hour breezes through. Overall, the first time may be a little strange and it might feel odd, but if you focus on relaxing, or the music playing, it can actually be really therapeutic.
  • Any recommendations for someone looking to get lashes put on?
    • Definitely do your research! Definitely don't take the cheap way out, and make sure you're going to someone who knows what they're doing. Using social media as a guide is great, there is literally tons of ways to get recommendations- so find something that works for you!

Big thanks to Nicole for taking these pictures! xoxo