Wedding Wednesday: 5 Pieces Of Marriage Advice

I wanted to end this month by celebrating my anniversary, but by also sharing some real things that have been circulating in my mind over the past few months. I am so happy you all got to see a peek into my wedding day, and I hope some of these tips helped you, if you are planning your wedding at the moment. This post is a little more on the serious side, and it shares a little bit more of the personal side of things. 

I spent a lot of time wondering what I would write about today, and I was a little stumped to be honest. Engagement & Marriage is such a crazy ride, at the end of it all you wonder where the time went, but also wish you spent more time focusing on the smaller details that happened in between. From someone who has lived through it, I just wanted to share some bits of personal advice that Ryan and I talked about togther. 

Always be on the same team: This is huge for us. We always promised each other that no matter what happens in life, through disagreements or ups and downs, we will always be on the same team. Ultimately you are working towards the same goal, so be open to communicating about life, and finding answers together. 

Find what's important: Your makeup, flowers, centerpieces, and venue are all gorgeous accents  to your beautiful day. I am a firm believer in making your day as beautiful as you envision it. For  a second though, strip that all away. What do you have left? When you're standing at the altar with your spouse, surrounded with your closest family and friends, you realize then that the rest is just details. Those details are just the backdrop to what is truly important.

Never lose your sense of self: I have always been a firm believer in maintaining your own friendships and life in a relationship. When Ryan and I met one of my favorite things about him was how many groups of friends he had. I hadn't met anyone who like me, was surrounded by so many different groups of people- all whom I considered "close friends." Together we felt like that was one of our greatest victories in life. Having friends is CRUCIAL in any relationship, but even more-so in a marriage. At the end of the day you're an individual, and you were someone before you met your someone. Maintain friendships, keep stable relationships, and always make your relationships a priority. When I hear about couples that only have each other to lean on because they cut off all their friends, I truly wonder why anyone would go that route. What is life without friendship? Years go by, and all we have is each other. It's important to keep those that you love close. Ladies: Maintain your independence, have friends and keep them, it's healthy! 

Never stop dating: It's easy to lose sight of being cute and sweet when real life hits, but for your own sanity, always set aside time for each other. Ryan is a small business owner, and I work full time and blog full time, so we are both extremely busy. Throw in family events, parties, friends birthdays etc and we are pretty much booked the entire summer and into the Fall. It can be so stressful to think about ,but setting aside time, or dinner dates is so important. Ryan and I both put our phones away during this time so we're not distracted. We also set time aside to workout together, do things around the house, or just binge watch Netflix shows, and for us, this has been so important.

Remember that it's not peachy all the time: With amazing times, also come times that are more difficult. Ryan and I have been through a lot together, and most of it happened right after our wedding which was very difficult, but it brought us closer together. We've always maintained the thought that no matter what happens in life, we will take each step together. Never lose sight of why you got married, even when life rains on you for a while. Everything works out better when you have a hand to hold during the process. 

Lastly, I want to end with our beautiful wedding video.