All About The Details


Hi everyone! Hope you're all having a great week. This week has been somewhat of a heat wave (if that's what you want to call it haha) in New Jersey. We've had highs in the 40's and it's glorious compared to what the past two weeks have been. At 31 weeks I am definitely feeling all of the little changes in my body, including feeling slightly bigger as the days progress. Since I haven't been able to dress how I would normally dress, I have taken this opportunity to explore my options with accessories and the little details!


These statement earrings are the perfect way to dress up a casual outfit. I also love that the back of this top has the lace up style built in. It's the little things, right? It's also easy to throw on a hat and fun boots when you're feeling less than glamorous. Everyone is always shocked that I can still wear heels, but it's all about the ones you choose. These are amazing and so comfortable because of the block heel. My mom loved them so much so I even bought her a pair. They're currently 50% off and I promise you will not regret this purchase. 


I am really looking forward to the long weekend, and hope you guys are too! Cannot believe I am going to be 32 weeks next week! Where did the time go???