Always A Lover


The 90's revival has got me sprung. From denim skirts, to chokers, and of course, flatforms! I am  LOVING that all of these trends have made their way back around.The past month has flown by, per usual, and I cannot wait for the Summer to be in full swing. June is a fun month for us for many reasons.


We have some trips planned, and some fun collaborations, but most importantly we are celebrating one year of being married this June! I really want to post some wedding stuff this upcoming month and really dive into the wedding planning from my perspective. A lot of things happened after our wedding which were hard to overcome, from losing family members, job changes etc, and I honestly did not want to post about it right away. Now a year later, I feel like I can fully reflect on the time and what wedding planning was like. 


I plan on doing "Wedding Wednesdays" and every Wednesday I will be sharing a different part of our wedding. I want to cover everything from planning, to flowers, to favors, and everything in between!