Bodycon & Some Edge

What I love about dresses like this is that they make you feel like you can conquer the world. Bodycon dresses make me feel confident, and really help accentuate my curves. I posted this photo on instagram and really wanted to get a conversation going about body image, and loving yourself. In society today we're taught to think that skinny is the way to go. I've always been curvy, and it's not until recently that I have really appreciated the body that I have.

We're all human, and at the end of the day, we need to be happy with what we have. We're all different shapes and sizes, we all come from different backgrounds, and there is no true definition of beauty. To me beauty is defined by things you can't always see. The way you treat others, the way you help other people, your ability to see the beauty in little things, and more importantly, who you are as a person. We get caught up in thinking that outside beauty is all that there is, when in reality, the surface is more defined, by the internal beauty we all have.

So here's to wearing what you want, whenever you want, and feeling amazing. You are incredible, and if you haven't heard so today, you are beautiful.

Details: Bodycon Dress / JC Platforms / KW Sunnies /