Fairytale Walks

My favorite thing in the whole world is stumbling upon a place that photographs beautifully. I hit the jackpot with this location, and Ryan and I both knew we'd be coming back very soon to take more photos here.

The past few weeks have been nothing short of a blur. We did wood floors in our house so it's been a huge moving week, and we're finally back to normal. It was really fun getting to reorganize all of my things, spring clean and get rid of TONS of things, but also add some new items into our home to spruce things up a bit. I am so thrilled at how the house looks and I really cannot wait to give you guys the final look of everything once it's finished!

As silly as it sounds rearranging everything and moving things around really has made a huge difference around here. Everything looks cleaner (carpet sucks so I'm glad it's gone), more spacious & modern, which is what I wanted in the final result of all of this. Between the floors being redone, and the trips we have coming up- I am so excited for the Summer, and really can't wait! I hope you guys will read along, and stay tuned for all of the adventures to come. Hope you're having a great week! xoxox

Details: Off the shoulder dress / Bamboo bag / Sandals (on major sale!!) / Celine Sunnies