Great Tops For Pregnancy

Hi everyone! Happy Friday! So glad the weekend is here. I am really excited to be teaming up with Pink Blush again today to talk about two different types of tops that I have really been loving lately. I have worn Pink Blush maternity clothes my entire pregnancy and I honestly could not recommend them more. Their clothes are some of the most fashionable I found while being pregnant, and they can be worn at different stages of pregnancy which is extremely helpful. At 32 weeks I am now reaching the time when things are basically always uncomfortable unless I am in pajamas. This means finding anything I can that will help alleviate the discomfort. 


First up we have this awesome criss-cross tee. What's great about this top is that it's comfortable, but also stylish. Since my body has basically been a furnace this entire pregnancy wearing items that are looser around the neck is key. I love the fact that it's long sleeve, but also has the criss-cross in the front which allows some air to flow through. 


 The second top I want to focus on is this hooded top. I love being comfortable on the weekends and even though this top is a little too casual for work, it's great for the weekends when we're running around town or hanging out with the family. Again, being able to wear items that are lightweight is very important. This hooded top is loose enough that you can layer it so if you're feeling a little warm (pregnancy woes) you can always wear a lighter tee underneath. On the flip side, if you're cold, you can throw the hood on for extra warmth!