What To Wear When Biking On An Island- Nantucket Edition

My trip to Nantucket with Schwinn Bikes seems so long ago at this point! In one month I made my way to three different places, a total of 11 different plane rides, and lots of random snacks in between. Things have been hectic to say the least. Although my trip was a little shorter than anticipated (plane delays and cancellations) I had such a great time meeting everyone from the Schwinn team and traveling to beautiful Nantucket. If I could have extended my trip I would have, it was such a breath of fresh air to get to meet people I have been talking to and emailing with for years now. I left Nantucket with my heart full!

Before I get too mushy, let me stay on topic here! This post is all about biking on an island. This was a first for me, so a great deal of research went into this. Not only is Nantucket cold during the day, but it's also very humid, so it was hard to balance both of these extremes in outfit choices. I've put together some tips about biking on an island, and how to stay warm/comfortable on the chillier days! What's funny about Nantucket is that the sun could be shining, but it's still rather chilly and windy for the most part. 

  • Always pack jeans- This was a huge plus for me on my trip, because even though the weather alternated from hot to cold, having a comfortable pair of jeans was crucial to stay comfortable through all of the locations we visited. They were also great for traveling home on the plane!
  • Oversized sweaters for the win!- I packed this cactus sweater as my back up because I knew I would get cold. I ended up wearing it to the beach with my swimsuit underneath and it kept me cozy and comfortable that day!
  • Pack long sleeved shirts + pants for night time adventures- We ended up going sailing the one night I spent there and everyone told me to bring a jacket but of course I said I would be fine! Correction: I was so cold! I had long sleeves & long pants on and that is pretty much what saved me on that boat! Lesson learned, always pack an extra light coat for night excursions! 
  • Pack a hat! - Having a hat packed with you is great because it's so windy(from being so close to the water) that you'll definitely want to keep your beautiful hair in check. Having a hat will save your good hair day, but also makes for cuter photos!
  • Comfortable shoes are a must! - Of course make sure your cute shoes are packed for going out but also bring some sandals & sneakers if you plan on biking around the island. Comfort is key so you want to stay safe while riding! Sneakers give you a good grip while navigating the different roads & hills along the way. 

Photos taken by the beautiful and talented Jen Lake