The Magic Straightening Brush

For those of you who have been following along for a while, you'll know that I have crazy wild curls that can be super frizzy at times. Although I don't really ever share my hair looking crazy, it's something I deal with daily, so finding the right products is crucial. I'm sure you guys noticed, my hair is back to the dark side! I am loving my natural color, with a little bit more richness.

Irresistible Me was kind enough to send me this beautiful hair straightening brush and I am in LOVE. I have used conventional straighteners before, but nothing works quite like this. I love that it has the brush feature to really get all the tangles out, and it also straightens while it untangles, which is a plus!

The awesome thing about the Jade Hair Straightening Brush is that it heats up really quickly, has multiple settings, and is anti-static, so it doesn't damage your hair one bit!I love the awesome LCD screen and the fact that the cord is 8ft long, you can literally bring it anywhere, and it's so convenient!


I also made this fun little video for you guys to watch! Enjoy! I really love this product, and am so happy that I found something that helps the static in the winter, and the frizz my hair deals with! If you buy soon, you'll get the awesome price of $45 (it's on sale from $69!) It serves as an awesome holiday gift! Have you guys ever used a straightening brush? If so , what did you think? ALSO!! really excited to share a coupon code for my readers, receive 10% off with code IrresistibleMaria