You Are My Sunshine

What I love most about the transition from Winter to Spring is that everything becomes way more colorful, and a lot more fun! I love wearing dresses, but am not a huge fan of tights, so during the Winter months I tend to stay away from dresses unless I am feeling extra sassy that day.

Since NJ has been on an upswing of warm weather and sunny skies, the dresses are in full effect around here. I am in LOVE with anything OTS, colorful and synched above the waist. This little taste of warm weather has me yearning for the Summer and spending my weekends at the beach. We actually spent last weekend on the beach and it was incredible. Ollie loves the sand so he had a blast, and I think we all needed a little Vitamin D in our lives.

Do you guys have any plans this weekend? Our weekend is full per usual, but looking forward to spending some time outside, and enjoying this gorgeous weather with our families and friends!